Firstly, we hope this communication finds you well, and all safe.

What challenging and worrying times we are living in. Here at Infocus Displays, we have been thinking about work plans for when the Lockdown is eased, and when it may be considered safe to return to our businesses.
We have during this crisis, been temporarily closed, but with slight easements gradually being introduced, we are seeing chinks of light emerge. We have been ‘working’ hard behind the scenes to focus on how we can help all of our businesses. 
We have created a very wide range of signage which will underpin essential Health and Safety measures. We hope its a positive sign (excuse the pun) to help prepare you, and your clients when re-opening, but safely.
Signage is something we see every day. In shops, on the road, on vehicles. It has a myriad of uses. Today's “signs of the times” are absolutely vital to enhance our  continued Social Distancing measures. It is an additional safety mechanism to protect you, your staff, and your customers. Our newly designed provides essential support through informative graphic illustrations. It will help distribute advice on how to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep the message “out there”.

Have a look at the category on our websire "covid-19 Signage"

It is an innovative new composite sheet material that combines the surface quality and characteristics of rigid PVC, with a reduced weight due to its recycled foam core.

Essentially, it is a hybrid version of solid PVC and foam PVC. The product has the tough-impact resistance of solid PVC, with the easy-to-use benefits of PVC foam made from recycled PVC. Again, another environmental string to its board!

As it is highly suitable for display printing, with an ultra-smooth surface easy to fabricate, we think it is ideal for a wide range of signage, display, and POS applications. It can be produced as a double or single-sided printed product. It has incredible ink-adhesion properties during the ink print phases.

Our clients are delighted with the variety of uses it has provided for their in-store displays, as well as shop header panels through to exhibition display. Installations have been successfully carried out at Garden House Hospice shops, Stevenage Council Visitor Centre, and the Stevenage Museum to name but a few of our satisfied clients.

Your views? We love to talk to our colleagues, friends, and customers. Any thoughts on what we could do to help make the return to work easier or that might assist your particular workplace? We are all in this together. 

We would be very happy to help you with any personalised signage that is required for Health & Safety that is relevant to your individual workplace. We appreciate one size does not fit all, so keen to hear your thoughts, views, and requirements.

 We are not our nation’s dedicated health professionals, but we can play a small part by creating visual impact that will help make a difference. Looking further into these uncertain times, there will be a greater need to illustrate guidance on the necessity to “keep social distancing”. Normality as we knew it, wont be the same. All we can do is support each other and enforce vital messages through such initiatives.