It’s a new “Frontier” … Or a Grasshopper, or Sidewinder!

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A roller banner, also known in the trade as a roll-up or pull-up banner, is a self-supporting advertising display made up of a banner, essentially a wide strip of fabric or printable material, with graphic design content printed on it., plus the base into which the banner can be rolled up. A singular piece of portable kit.

In 15 years, many Roller Banners have passed through our printers to be delivered to our wide-ranging client base. We have printed an estimated 10,000 have been produced by us during that time, in differing styles and types. They are pretty much the marketing staple for customers looking to project their product or key advertising in a large and very visible format.  

With various improvements made over the years, roller banners have their “feet” firmly rooted in their marketplace and are so popular that we view them as the generic banner seen in most shopping centres, retail outlets, exhibitions, promotional events and outlets. Even filling up with petrol, you may catch a glimpse of this marketing stalwart.  In a world full of advertising and branding, smart businesses understand the genuine importance of the visibility that these simple banners can evoke. The type is also of importance, dependant on context and where it will be deployed for a given marketing situation.

Our experience in the market has highlighted that there are approximately four very good manufacturers / distributors that have stood the test of time with their quality of product. They supply many of the banners that are available in the UK. Each supplier has their own “standout” mechanisms in style and type. Let’s look at some here:

Plex Display Ltd:

One of the very first suppliers in the UK with a great range of banners, with at least 5 sizes and 45 types, that include the most popular unit sold in the range, the “Sidewinder”. With good looks and a solid base, its unique design ensures the base is not shown when the banner is in full show, and all eyes drawn to the graphic.  As an ultimate selling tool, it’s very much a flagship product. It complements display spaces such as car showrooms and areas where it is meant to be noticed, such as office entrances and spaces which shout for the Sidewinder’s pleasing presence.

Ultima Displays Ltd:

With a range of around 14 banner styles in 5 sizes (65 types) Ultima produce some of the most popular units sold. Excusing the pun, let’s hop on to the “Grasshopper”. A generic name given to the budget end banner, it is easily one of the best-selling roller banners on the market. Simple to “pop up” and extremely popular due to simplicity of use and total versatility as the ideal indoor display system. Optional graphic widths; little twist and turn feet; collapsible pole and the handy carry bag, all add up to exceptional value. Basic it might be, but the little “Grasshopper” is up there with its “bigger banner” brothers!

Easy Stands Ltd:

6 styles of banners, each with 5 sizes (30 types) – here we will find the most robust banner units on the UK market. A British company manufacturing with British engineering expertise, Easy Stands do indeed make it easy with their superb range of display options from the cheapest roll up product through to top of the range products. For those that aren’t keen on the twist and turn feet, the “Easy Banner” is a solid space saving stand made from thick aluminium. It’s very presentable and is a low-cost item due to its relative simplicity.

Innotech Ltd

Perhaps the newest company to supply mechanisms in the UK, with over 16 styles, each with 5 sizes (80), Innotech is the UK & Europe’s leading trade supplier of roller banners. With a staggering range and over 200,000 roller banners in stock at any one time, at a purpose-built facility in Leicester, the options available are extensive.

Products include budget, premium, double sided, outdoor, extra-large or extra small variations, with warranties to match; the choices are infinite. To help narrow the options, their bestselling mid-range premier banner is called the “Frontier” built to meet the needs of the exhibitor who is always on the move.

Sharp, contemporary styling complements excellent stability, making it ideal for high traffic environments where you need the security of a roller banner that won’t budge.

Innotech has recently announced the launch of its latest addition to its expanding range of eco-friendly materials.  Vertex Marine is the newest material on the block! It is a 100% polyester fabric with a very distinct difference.  It’s a print material made from recycled plastic bottles! Less plastic to end up on landfill or in our oceans.

Banners are ever evolving and rolling.  From this blog we can ascertain there are over 200 styles and size combinations.  From our strong experience in the industry, providing hundreds of roller banners to our customers, we could never hold a stock of all the banners available to us on the market.  After much testing, trying, perfecting and printing all the various banner models, we can present a shortlist of the ideal eight, putting them into three categories:

The Standard (suited for Budget and economy), a workhorse every day roller banner for most events, and with the twist out feet for stability.

Choose our Standard roller: either the Greenwich or Piccadilly roller banner

The Mid-range (best for exhibitions and conference etc)

Choose either: The Frontier or Easy roller banner

The Flagship range (for high end conferences, smart showrooms, business corporate building etc)

It has to be either the: Barracuda, Legend or Sidewinder roller banner.

Roller banners are an essential marketing tool to promote your products and generate sales. Give us a call to see how we can help you strengthen your sales and boost your brand.