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09 Jan Not all Roller Banners are the same
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Are all Roller Banners the same?From budget to high end, what is the differenceInfocus Displays have been printing Roller banners for over 15 years and that means a lot of banners have been produced for our clients over the years and it that time we have tried many  types and styles mechanisms from the manufactures / distributors in the Uk, some ha..
06 Jan Palboard A Great new Composite material for display printing
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What is Palboard?Palboard is a great new composite sheet material combining the surface quality and characteristics of rigid PVC with a reduced weight due to its recycled foam core.Palboard is a hybrid version solid PVC and foam PVC. The product combines the tough-impact resistance of solid PVC with the easy-to-use benefits of PVC foam made from re..
06 Jan Zamboni Its a Wrap for Burrito Loco at the Guildford Ice Rink
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Zamboni we Wrapped it, SKATING ON FINE ICEWhat is a ZAMBONI“What’s a Zamboni?” we originally asked when we received the enquiry. In simple terms, a Zamboni is like a small tractor that drives on to the surface ice (at an ice rink) to re-surface, by heating, scraping, cleaning and re-melting the surface to create a new smooth thin layer of ice. The ..
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