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09 Jan Not all Roller Banners are the same
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It’s a new “Frontier” … Or a Grasshopper, or Sidewinder!Read on to discover the wonderful world ofROLLER BANNERSA roller banner, also known in the trade as a roll-up or pull-up banner, is a self-supporting advertising display made up of a banner, essentially a wide strip of fabric or printable material, with graphic design content printed on it., p..
09 Jan StarSlush Kiosk Wrap at Chessington World of Adventure
Blog Team 0 1195
Focusing on a World of Adventures!InFocus Displays were thrilled to work with our long term client – Allen Creative on a very different installation at Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey.  Allen Creative are a local, innovative agency creating and nurturing brands to connect with consumers at every touchpoint. We are pleased to have been wor..
06 Jan Palboard A Great new Composite material for display printing
Blog Team 11 2587
What is Palboard? Innovation meets Eco-friendlyHere at Infocus Displays, we understand that a responsible approach is essential to the environmental issues that can result from our business activities. In an ever changing world, where a focus on our environment is paramount, realising the impact of our procurement is critical.  Wherever possible, t..
06 Jan Getting back to work - with Social Distancing Measures
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 Firstly, we hope this communication finds you well, and all safe.What challenging and worrying times we are living in. Here at Infocus Displays, we have been thinking about work plans for when the Lockdown is eased, and when it may be considered safe to return to our businesses.We have during this crisis, been temporarily closed, but with slight e..
06 Jan Zamboni Its a Wrap for Burrito Loco at the Guildford Ice Rink
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Zamboni we Wrapped it, SKATING ON FINE ICEWhat is a ZAMBONI“What’s a Zamboni?” we originally asked when we received the enquiry. In simple terms, a Zamboni is like a small tractor that drives on to the surface ice (at an ice rink) to re-surface, by heating, scraping, cleaning and re-melting the surface to create a new smooth thin layer of ice. The ..
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