What is Palboard? Innovation meets Eco-friendly

Here at Infocus Displays, we understand that a responsible approach is essential to the environmental issues that can result from our business activities. In an ever changing world, where a focus on our environment is paramount, realising the impact of our procurement is critical.  Wherever possible, the products we procure are ethically and responsibly sourced.  This is also important to our customers, for improved environmental performance that has sustainable benefits.

Which leads us to….the introduction of ‘Palboard’ to our suite of materials. It is a superb eco-friendly option to offer our customer base.

What exactly is Palboard?

It is an innovative new composite sheet material that combines the surface quality and characteristics of rigid PVC, with a reduced weight due to its recycled foam core.

Essentially, it is a hybrid version of solid PVC and foam PVC. The product has the tough-impact resistance of solid PVC, with the easy-to-use benefits of PVC foam made from recycled PVC. Again, another environmental string to its board!

As it is highly suitable for display printing, with an ultra-smooth surface easy to fabricate, we think it is ideal for a wide range of signage, display and POS applications. It can be produced as a double or single sided printed product. It has incredible ink-adhesion properties during the ink print phases.

Our clients are delighted with the variety of uses it has provided for their in-store displays, as well as shop header panels through to exhibition display. Installations have been successfully carried out at Garden House Hospice shops, Stevenage Council Visitor Centre and the Stevenage Museum to name but a few of our satisfied clients.

What are the key unique features of Palboard?

With its durable but smooth surface for direct printing, it is a lightweight material available in various sizes.  Wide format?  Fabricated Displays? Not a problem with Palboard!

It’s a greener alternative to some older materials, with in excess of 50% recycled content and that important minimal environmental footprint. No toxic substances are released during the product lifecycle, complying with the REACH standard EC 1907/2006 (essentially the strictest law to date regulating chemical substances). That’s another environmental tick.
It can even be used as an alternative for Aluminium composite material, for those looking for something a little different to the norm. The material and structural specifications are virtually the same if not higher.

The design of Point of Sale can face some interesting challenges when creating products for retail and trade displays. Solutions can therefore be easily found by utilising the key features of PalBoard.  It could be described as a “one stop shop” printing material which delivers all round as a cost effective and structurally robust solution.

The lightweight that’s punching above its weight!

PalBoard may be a lightweight in terms of its reduced weight per sheet, but its certainly a strong option when assembled, with easy transportation, handling and a swift installation.  It even saves on shipping costs. Another tick for PalBoard!

As its so easy to fabricate, the material can be cold-bent with a v-groove cut. Solid mechanical strength couple with the important chemical resistance. It makes it the ideal choice for a huge variety of interior sign, display, or other applications such as die cutting, sawing, drilling, milling and routing.

Put our creativity to the test

With the PalBoard’s bright white surface that gives such a fantastic colour reproduction, all that’s needed is to try it for yourself. Let us inspire you to unlock not only the material’s creative potential, but the endless potential of this versatile product.

Palboard is here!