Zamboni we Wrapped it, SKATING ON FINE ICE

What is a ZAMBONI

“What’s a Zamboni?” we originally asked when we received the enquiry. In simple terms, a Zamboni is like a small tractor that drives on to the surface ice (at an ice rink) to re-surface, by heating, scraping, cleaning and re-melting the surface to create a new smooth thin layer of ice. The very first machine was developed by an American inventor and engineer Frank Zamboni in 1949 in California. Back then, in order to resurface a skating rink, several workers had to scrape, wash, and squeegee the ice. A thin layer of water was then added for the fresh ice. This process was very time consuming, so Zamboni wanted to find a more efficient way to resurface the ice. Several prototypes later and different models through the decades, sees the current modern versions skimming effortlessly over the ice, to improve the skating experience.

Ever since, an ice resurfacer is often referred to as a "Zamboni" regardless of it’s brand or manufacturer.

Over the years, the staff here at InFocus Displays have wrapped and applied vinyl graphics to many vehicles, ranging from vans, lorries, cars, horse boxes etc, but a Zamboni is a first for us. It’s a very interesting addition to our diverse portfolio, especially considering there may only be 100 or so in the UK.

The Zamboni we design wrapped, is an important little machine used regularly at the Guildford Leisure Centre to keep the ice super smooth. It is sponsored by the Burrito Loco Restaurant that overlooks the rink.

We completed this very special wrap on our last working day of 2019 – Friday 20 December.  The start of the process involved a thorough clean of the Zamboni, removing its old artwork from the sides. From it’ time on the ice, it was coated in layers of salt that all had to be carefully removed. Once it was stripped backed, it was time for its new “clothes!”.  We applied a Greyback Polymeric print vinyl with a gloss Polymeric Laminate, which protected the design.  As most of it’s panels were flat, the only 3d curved panels we needed to focus on were to the sides. For these areas, we used a Greyback Cast vinyl plus gloss Laminate.

Our Vision

This interesting project was closely aligned to our business Vision to be a  leading supplier of display printing and exhibition solutions provider across all industries, from off-the shelf products to fully bespoke product realisation.

The Zamboni’s new image was definitely a bespoke realisation, performing its duties with a sleek new livery, to give rink users “the perfect ice”.  Infocus Displays were delighted to have been involved in this ‘cool’ project, adding a Zamboni to our growing list of “It’s a Wrap” portfolio.  Do contact us for more information, or if we can help you with an idea or new project.